Custom built skid units built to your specifications. Units for slickline, logging, or combination work. Skid units built as 1 piece, 2 piece, and even 3 piece units with interchangeable drawworks sections. Units can be supplied meeting zone 2 requirements and designed and certified for use offshore to DNV 2.7-1. Units can be equipped with single drums, double drums, and options for split drums as well. Operators’ controls can be inside an enclosed cabin or in the open behind the drawworks. Enclosed cabins can be furnished with additional seating, logging systems, air conditioning, heater, and additional features to meet your requirements. One thing in common for all skid units is that they are designed and engineered to meet your requirements.


  • Custom built to your specifications.
  • Designed for slickline and/or logging use
  • Built as single piece, two piece, or three piece units.
  • Drawworks options from single to double drums with options for center partition (split drum).
  • Operators controls inside a cabin or in the open overlooking the drawworks.
  • Operators’ cabin insulated and climate controlled.
  • Every unit designed using CAD and engineered to meet your requirements.

Unit Details

  • Aluminum or steel framing depending on your requirements and usage.
  • Power from diesel engine or electric motor.
  • Many engine choices including Perkins, John Deere, Kubota, Deutz, Isuzu, and more.
  • Engine options including Pyroban systems to meet zone 2 (ATEX) requirements.
  • Designed for heavy duty use.
  • Additional storage incorporated as space permits.
  • Units designed for ease of servicing and use while maintaining a small footprint as often required for offshore use.

Additional Features

  • Hydraulic or diesel driven generator options.
  • Inverter options as well for less demanding electrical requirements.
  • Lighting options to ensure a safe environment for night use. Lighting predominantly LED type with options for zone 2 as well.
  • Doors to fully enclose unit or tarp options available.
  • Measuring head and spooler options depending on wirelines to be used with unit.
  • Many custom options, just ask.


  • Designed for heavy duty use.
  • Standard drums come with larger cores (14” – 20”) to minimize bending stress on the wireline.
  • Standard wireline capacities of 25,000 feet (7500 meters).
  • Split drums, Pengo standard sizes, open hole (non-magnetic core), cased hole, drums all available on request.
  • Standard drives use Sauer series 90 pumps and Sauer motors making a closed loop hydrostatic drive to a Funk transmission driving the drum. Planetary drive options also available.
  • Large speed ranges from 3 feet/min (1 m/min) through +1000 feet/min (300 m/min). Slickline speeds even faster!
  • Pulling capacities designed to exceed the break strength of the wireline to be installed.
  • Overhead spoolers or double bar spooler options available.
  • Drum brakes single or dual band pneumatic and/or mechanically controlled. Options for caliper brakes as well.

One Piece Skid Unit Overview

Compact, one piece skid unit capable of light duty eline work or heavy duty slickline work. Fits inside a full size truck box. Light weight for transport.

  • Aluminum framing
  • Forklift pockets in base
  • Fits inside truck box
  • 3000 lbs (without wireline)
  • 33 hp turbo-diesel water cooled engine
  • Rig safe engine, electric start
  • Closed loop hydrostatic drive
  • Variable (2 speed) motor
  • Drum capacity (with 16” core drum):
  • 25,000 Feet (7500 meters) 0.125”
  • 10,000 Feet (3000 meters) 3/16”
  • 7,500 Feet (2300 meters) 7/32”