Custom built truck mounted electric line (logging) units built to your specifications. Logging units for both open and cased hole work available. Your choice of truck chassis sized for the wirelines to be installed. Single drums with/without split or dual drums available. Operators cabin heated and air conditioned for Canadian winters and desert heat. Units come with ample storage for all your downhole tools and surface equipment. Every unit designed using a 3D CAD system laid out to meet your needs maximizing storage and utility.

Logging Units


  • Custom built truck mounted electric line (logging) units built to your specifications.
  • Open hole and/or cased hole units available.
  • Built on 4×2, 4×4, 6×4, 6×6, or 8×6 truck chassis of your choice.
  • Single split drum or dual drums available.
  • Fully insulated, climate controlled operators’ cabin standard.
  • Maximum storage for all your equipment including downhole tools and surface equipment.
  • Every unit designed using CAD and engineered to meet your requirements.

Unit Details

  • 100% aluminum construction fully welded for light weight and corrosion resistance.
  • 2” wall framing standard for strength and better insulating properties.
  • Reinforced framing where required for durability. Typical van body will outlast 3 truck chassis.
  • Operators cabin insulated, heated, and air conditioned providing a comfortable environment.
  • Storage incorporated into all available space maximizing utility of wireline unit.
  • Tool racks on one or both sides of drawworks, vise, hand tool drawers, lubricator storage in tool racks and belly pan, belly pan storage full length of van body, sinker bar cabinet, etc…. a complete mobile workshop.

Additional Features

  • Captain’s chair or office type chair and control panel designed for ease of use by operator, everything within reach while operating.
  • Logging system installation available configured for use by winch operator or logging engineer.
  • 10 kW or larger hydraulic generator standard depending on requirements and loads.
  • Excellent lighting including scenic lights, rig lights, drawworks, and operators cabin for use all night.
  • Heavy duty rear bumper and tow loops direct into truck chassis frame.
  • Tarped opening over drawworks area with or without rear steps standard.
  • Measuring head supply and installation available.
  • Many custom options, just ask.


  • Designed for heavy duty use.
  • Standard drums come with 14” – 18” cores with capacities for 25,000 feet (7500 meters) of braided cables ranging in size from 7/32” through 3/8”.
  • Split drums, Pengo standard sizes, open hole (non-magnetic core) drums all available upon request.
  • Standard drive uses Sauer series 90 pump, Sauer series 51 variable motor (hydrostatic closed loop drive) and Funk 3 speed transmission with planetary and sprockets chain driving drum.
  • Direct planetary drives and other alternatives available on request.
  • Large speed range from 3 feet/min (1 m/min) through 900+ feet/min (280 m/min) at mid-point of drum.
  • Pulling capability designed to exceed break strength of wireline installed. Standard drums and drives can pull +20,000 lbs (9000 kg) at mid-point of drum.
  • Overhead spooler standard with either marine cable drive or hydraulic drive, your choice.